Bartlett Bros is an Indigenous Rock Band from Perth Western Australia.
phil & jason communing sml

They make music that touches the heart and lifts the spirit.

Newsflash! Bartlett Brothers have been nominated for best band in the Deadly Awards. We will be playing at the award ceremony at The Sydney Opera House! How Deadly is that!
If you would like us to hold up that cup then please go to the Deadly Voting Page and Vote for us! If you feel like it you can also vote for our good friends Oz Island Band
for best new band and Bryte for best Hip Hop artist!

The heart of the band is singer songwriters Phil & Jason Bartlett. Both are multi-instrumentalist with huge, soulful voices. Gifted songwriters with very different styles, Phil meticulously crafts plain spoken ballads of the heart while Jason punches out funky rhythms, catchy melodies and the effortlessly profound lyrics of the true poet. If the eldest brothers are the heart then the pulse of the band is the powerhouse, complex, fusion style drumming of youngest brother Azrael who brings a political conscience to his harder edged songwriting.

Bartlett Brothers band features the fluid bass-lines, songwriting and arranging talents of Rob Findlay, the passionate blues/funk guitar playing of Julius Lutero (an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right) as well as the polished, melodic keyboards of Bert Kemp. Inspired vocal harmonies are provided by fellow family members, including Wayne Joseph & Nigel Wilkes Junior. Kyle Bartlett is the group’s rapper while Nigel Wilkes Senior is a regular guest as Didgeridoo player.

Together they create rootsy pop rock sounds with soaring harmonies & a soul edge. Their music & lyrics are infused with the colours and themes of their home country and heritage.
They have recently released their second album "Last Resistance" which is now available on iTunes or via mail order from the band if you would prefer a physical copy.
Their first release “Unleashed” has sold 1000’s of copies all around the country and is still popular with loyal fans several years after its release.